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From Conception to Completion

DApp Design, Implementation, Verification

Want to know everything about DApps?

Discover how Decentralized Applications work through examples covering real life domains: DeFi, Governance, Gaming, ...

Documented Use Cases

Read and learn about Dapps business logic and how it impacts technical architecture.

Step by Step Tutorials

Follow step by step instructions to implement, deploy and interact with smart contracts, connect the Dapp to a wallet, ...

10 Minutes to Build a First DApp

The easiest way to write safe smart contracts
High-Level DSL

Implement blockchain logic with easy to write and read high-level programming concepts.

Formal Verification

Write formal specification and let Archetype check whether the contract verifies it.

Nice to meet you!

Benoit and Guillaume created edukera in 2013 for the passion of sharing and teaching science and technology. In 2017 they became enthousiastic for the blockchain technology and in 2018 started to develop the Archetype language with the support of the Tezos Foundation.

Benoît Rognier

CEO edukera

Guillaume Duhamel

CTO edukera

Can we help you achieve your objective?

+33 6 18 40 30 62

Advisory board

Diego Olivier Fernandez Pons

Business Advisor

Pierre-Yves Strub

Scientific Advisor