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In this first exercise, the storage is a single string value, initialised to ""; the unique entry point is called to set the value:

archetype hello

variable value : string = ""

entry main () {
value := "Hello Tezos world!"

Do not forget to save the file with Ctrl+s (or Cmd+s)

Use the := operator to assign value to storage variable.


First, check whether the test account has enough balance to run the tutorial; entrer this command in the Terminal:

completium-cli show account

It displays the balance of the account named 'admin'.

If this balance is below 10 ꜩ, then follow these instructions to import a new account (or transfer 100 ꜩ to the admin address on testnet).

The following Completium CLI command deploys the contract on the Tezos network:

completium-cli deploy 1-hello.arl

This command must be run in the tutorial directory, so enter this command first:

cd tutorial

Call entry point

The following command calls the unique entry point:

completium-cli call 1-hello --entry main

View contract

The following command generates the URL to view the contract in Better call Dev:

completium-cli show contract 1-hello


Open '2-exec-condition.arl' and click on "Next: Executions conditions" below.