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Rationals & transfers

The rational type is very convenient to implement business formulas.

In this exercise, the payback entrypoint transfers back to the caller 70% of the transferred amount:

archetype rat_transfer

entry payback () {
transfer (70% * transferred) to caller

caller refers to the account address that is calling the entry point, and transferred refers to the amount of tez sent to call the entry point.

There are many ways to specify a rational value:

var f : rational = 1.1;
var g : rational = -1.1;
var r : rational = 2 / 6;
var t : rational = -2 / 6;
var u : rational = 80%;
var v : rational = 4.2%;


The following Completium CLI command deploys the contract on the Tezos network:

completium-cli deploy 3-rat_transfer.arl

Call entry point

The following command calls the unique entry point and sends 10tz to the contract with the --amount option:

completium-cli call 3-rat_transfer --entry payback --amount 10tz

View contract

The following command generates the URL to view the contract in Better call Dev:

completium-cli show contract 3-rat_transfer


Open '4-time_window.arl' and click on "Next: Dates & Durations" below.