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Provide liquidity#

London is hosting next year a major worldwide sport event show. You want to invest in the exchange activity of the XLD token.

Click on the 'Provide Liquidity' tab:

  1. Select 'XLD'
  2. Enter the number XTZ OR the quantity of XLD to provide
Docusaurus with Keytar

Click on the 'Provide' button':

Docusaurus with Keytar

This specifies two transactions :

  1. a call to the approve entry point of the XLD FA 1.2 smart contract to authorize the DEX to transfer XLD ownership
  2. a call to the addLiquidity entry point of the DEX smart contract
[{    "kind":"transaction"    "to":"KT1H8JUiFbvEMycCuG5sZfCGHkN7vgfLAs3n"    "amount":0    "mutez":true    "parameter":{        "entrypoint":"approve"        "value":{            "prim":"Pair"            "args":[{                "string":"KT1J48AfBi8NwNaFQM1AXTvordRgSRJxK313"            } {                "int":"6"            }]        }    }} {    "kind":"transaction"    "to":"KT1J48AfBi8NwNaFQM1AXTvordRgSRJxK313"    "amount":1487780    "mutez":true    "parameter":{        "entrypoint":"addLiquidity"        "value":{            "prim":"Pair"            "args":[{                "string":"XLD"            } {                "int":"6"            }]        }    }}]

Redeem liquidity#

The sport event is now over. A lot of exchange activity accoured due to a high touristic activity. It is time to collect the fees in proportion of the quantity of liquidity tokens you own:

Docusaurus with Keytar