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Docusaurus with Keytar

Obviously there is plenty of room for improvement of the UI.

First, the bid process could display the best bid amount when the asset is for sale. However, instead of storing contract data locally in the OwnershipData component with the React hook usesState, it should rather be managed with a global storage facility like constate. This would make the contract data easily available in other components.

Then, the bid amount shouldn't be hard-coded to 10 tezies obviously, but rater be set with an input field. This input field could for example check whether the bid amount is above the current best bid and below the account balance, and display an error message if not.

Then, it would be convenient to refresh the best bid data automatically. This can be done by setting a timer to reload contract data on a regular basis. An example of such a refresh feature may be found in the Zero-Coupon Bond DApp example: in this DApp, the contract history tab is automatically updated when a transaction is sent to the smart contract (link to source code). You may use the Better Call Dev Web API to retrieve contract operations in raw Json format.

Other Ownership DApps

Try to create a DApp that creates ownership contracts. It is indeed possible to deploy a smart contract with Taquito as explained in this section. A template to start from is again the Zero-Coupon Bond DApp example.

Another nice DApp would be an ownership contracts indexer, which notifies when a new contract is deployed on the blockchain, when an asset is up fo sale, when an ownership has been transferred, and so on.

Smart Contracts

Write your own smart contract with Archetype, a high-level generic purpose language for smart contracts on Tezos. It provides with all Michelson features, plus exclusive features (new types, state machine design, ...) to ease development, tests and formal verification.

Archetype comes with a convenient set of contract examples to start with. Scan it, select the one to start from, and adapt it to your needs. Learn the Archetype language with a eight steps online tutorial:

Explore DApp examples

Dapps presented here are potential real-life applications that illustrate how to leverage the Tezos blockchain technology to create a new generation of game-changing applications. Explore them to figure out everything about DApps!