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Use Case Presentation

The Use Case scenario of the Idea box DApp is two-steps:

  1. Register your user account (as the smart contract's admin) to be able to vote for or add a new idea
  2. Vote for an idea or add a new one

In order to interact with the contract, you need a user account. Go to section below for instructions to create one.

User Interface

Below is a screenshot of the user interface once the wallet's account connected:

Docusaurus with Keytar

① Connected account address and number of votes left

② Sort ideas by:

  • date of creation
  • number of votes
  • id

③ Idea item with:

  • title
  • text
  • vote button (blue thumb up)
  • number of votes

④ Create new Idea button

Create a user account

The process to create a new user account is two-steps:

  1. download a new faucet file from faucet site (instructions)
  2. import it in wallet (instructions)

It is suggested that you name the account "Completium Dapp user" for example.