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Health care


This contract between a patient and its insurer establishes the rules of payment:

  • between insurance and doctors
  • between the patient and the insurer

The insurer pays the consultation price to the doctor.

The patient pays the insurer:

  • a fee on a regular basis
  • an amount per consultation capped to a fixed deductible amount



patientaddressPatient's address.
insureraddressInsurer's address.
feetezFee value, paid by patient to insurer every fee_period period of time.
fee_perioddurationCovering period for one fee payment.
deductibletezMaximum amount paid by patient to insurer for a consultation.
doctorcollectionA doctor is defined by an address and the debt due by insurer to doctor.
last_fee_datedateDate of last fee payment. Used internally to compute number of due fees.
patient_confirmedboolHas patient confirmed contract ? Used internally to compute Running state.
insurer_confirmedboolHas insurer confirmed contract ? Used internally to compute Running state.
deductible_debttezSum of deductibles due by patient to insurer.
_statestatesOne of Created, Running, Canceled


confirmCalled by patient and insurer to confirm contract.
toRunningInternally called by contract to set contrat to Running state when confirmed by patient and insurer.
cancelCalled by patient or insurer to cancel contract.
register_doctoraRegisters doctor at address a.
declare_consultationpA doctor declares a medical consultation for patient of price p.

It increments:
  • deductible_debt (paid by patient to insurer) by the minimum of p and deductible
  • the debt of insurer (paid to doctor) by p
pay_doctordocinsurer pays doctor doc the debt value (accumulated by declare_declaration).
pay_feespatient pays insurer the fee.

The amount is computed based on last_fee_date as the number of periods period multiplied by fee. It updates last_fee_date.
pay_deductiblepatient pays insurer the amount of deductible_debt (accumulated by declare_declaration).


archetype health_care(
patient : address,
insurer : address,
fee : tez,
fee_period : duration,
deductible : tez,

variable last_fee_date : date = now

variable patient_confirmed : bool = false
variable insurer_confirmed : bool = false

variable deductible_debt : tez = 0tz

asset doctor {
addr : address;
debt : tez = 0tz;

states =
| Created initial
| Running
| Canceled

transition toRunning () {
called by selfaddress
from Created to Running
with effect { last_fee_date := now }

entry confirm() {
if caller = patient then patient_confirmed := true;
if caller = insurer then insurer_confirmed := true;
if patient_confirmed and insurer_confirmed then
transfer 0tz to entry self.toRunning()

transition cancel () {
called by insurer or patient
from any to Canceled

entry register_doctor (a : address) {
called by patient
require { r1 : state = Running; }
effect { doctor.add ({ addr = a }) }

entry declare_consultation (p : tez) {
require {
r2 : state = Running;
r3 : doctor.contains(caller);
effect {
doctor.update(caller, { debt += p });
deductible_debt += min(p, deductible)

(* Payment from Insurance to Doctor *)

entry pay_doctor (doc : address) {
called by insurer
require { r4 : state = Running }
effect {
var decrease : tez = min(transferred, doctor[doc].debt);
transfer decrease to doc;
transfer (transferred - decrease) to insurer;
doctor.update (doc, { debt -= decrease })

(* Payments from Patient to Insuance *)

entry pay_fees () {
called by patient
require { r5 : state = Running }
effect {
var nb_periods : int = (now - last_fee_date) div fee_period;
var due = nb_periods * fee;
var decrease : tez = min (transferred, due);
transfer decrease to insurer;
transfer (transferred - decrease) to patient;
last_fee_date += nb_periods * fee_period

entry pay_deductibles () {
called by patient
require { r6 : state = Running; }
effect {
var decrease : tez = min (transferred, deductible_debt);
transfer decrease to insurer;
transfer (transferred - decrease) to patient;
deductible_debt -= decrease