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Connected Object


A connected object reads this contract to decide whether to switch on or off.

It reads the contract on a regular basis (typically every 5 second):

  • it switches on if the end of service date is in the futur
  • it switches off if the end of service date is in the past

The object is connected to the internet and executes an HTTP GET request to the Tezos blockchain on a regular basis, and reads the resulting Json answer.

Any user can transfer tezies to the contract to switch on the object for a duration determined by an exhange rate (tez to duration).

See this contract in action in the Connected Object DApp example.



owneradddressObject owner can change exchange rate and collect payments.
raterationalExchange rate between tez and duration: rate time_unit in exchange for tez_unit amount of payment.
endofservicedateDate of end of service. Read by object to decide whether to switch on or off.
startofservicedateDate of start of service. For information only.
time_unitdurationTime unit used in service duration computation.
tez_unittezTez unit used in service duration computation.
  • some address of the current user to switch on object
  • none otherwise
read_intervaldurationFrequency of read by object.


startStarts service. The duration d of service is computed as:

d = rate * transferred
interruptUser who started service can interrupt it.

It pays back the user so that only the effective duration of service is paid.
collectOwner collects payments.
setunitsd, tOwner can set time unit to d and tez unit to t when computing duration of service.


Originate a switch contract with the widget below.

Click "Connect to Wallet" button, fill the fields "Owner" and "Rate", and click "Originate".

Command line

Originate the contract from Archetype code below with the following Completium CLI example command:

completium-cli deploy switch.arl --init '(@tz1LLJ3nxbpGGMLmjzcp9sTMYui87tycG6nG, 2,5)'

The command sets:

  • owner constant to tz1LLJ3nxbpGGMLmjzcp9sTMYui87tycG6nG
  • rate variable to 2.5


archetype switch(
owner : address,
rate : rational

variable endofservice : date = now
variable startofservice : date = now

variable time_unit : duration = 1m
variable tez_unit : tez = 1tz

variable user : option<address> = none

variable read_interval : duration = 5s

function get_rate_in_s_by_utz () : rational {
var d : int = time_unit;
var t : nat = tez_unit;
return (rate * d / t)

function get_return_tz () : tez {
var res : int = 1 / get_rate_in_s_by_utz() * (endofservice - now);
return (res * 1utz)

entry start () {
require { r1: now > endofservice }
effect {
var t : nat = transferred;
var dur : duration = (get_rate_in_s_by_utz() * t)*1s;
if dur > read_interval then begin
endofservice := now + dur + read_interval;
startofservice := now;
user := some(caller)

entry interrupt () {
require { r2: caller = opt_get(user) and now < endofservice }
effect {
transfer (get_return_tz()) to caller;
endofservice := now - read_interval;
startofservice := now - read_interval;

entry collect () {
called by owner
effect {
var keep = 0tz;
if now < endofservice then
keep := get_return_tz();
if balance - keep > 0tz then
transfer (balance - keep) to owner

entry setunits (dunit : duration, tunit : tez) {
called by owner
effect {
time_unit := dunit;
tez_unit := tunit;