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Interacting with a contract requires a Tezos account to sign the transactions. An account is identified by an account address starting by tz1, like for example tz1h4CiqWxNe4UxSpkwXy617RM6DaK6NU76P.

$completium-cli provides a convenient account management system to register, list and switch account. Each account is associated with an alias.

Import account


When working with the test network, you need fake currencies to interact and test the contracts. There exists a faucet from which you can download a faucet file to generate a test account from.

Once the faucet file (a .json file) downloaded, the following command generates the account from it:

completium-cli import faucet <FAUCET_FILE> as <ACCOUNT_ALIAS>

Private key

completium-cli import privatekey <PRIVATE_KEY> as <ACCOUNT_ALIAS>

Generate account

completium-cli generate account as <ACCOUNT_ALIAS> [--force]

Show current account

The following command displays the account $completium-cli is currently using:

completium-cli show account

Switch account

completium-cli switch account

Set account

completium-cli set account <ACCOUNT_ALIAS>


The following command transfers tez from one account to another:

completium-cli transfer <AMOUNT>(tz|utz) from <ACCOUNT_ALIAS> to <ACCOUNT_ALIAS|ACCOUNT_ADDRESS>

For example:

$ completium-cli transfer 5.2tz from bob to alice

Remove account

completium-cli remove account <ACCOUNT_ALIAS>