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Add an Idea or Vote

Vote for or add a new idea in the DApp web interface:

Connect to wallet#

Connect to the wallet by clicking the "Connect" button:

Docusaurus with Keytar

Then select the user account. If you don't have a dedicated user account, go to the Presentation page.

Once connected, the account address and the number of remmaining votes (max. is 5) is displayed:

Docusaurus with Keytar

If the Thanos wallet is not installed (as a browser extension), then the "Install Thanos" button is displayed.


We first want to check ideas with the highest number of votes. Click on the "Sort by votes" button to do so:

Docusaurus with Keytar

The idea with highest number of votes (at the time of writing) is "Huge gigantic banner". Click on the blue thumb-up icon to vote for it:

Docusaurus with Keytar

You may check the json parameters, the first parameter of the vote entry point is the idea's id (7):

[    {        "kind":"transaction"        "to":"KT1QMowNVCUngertU7bAeoZmU7XYm3gphE69"        "amount":0        "mutez":true        "parameter":{            "entrypoint":"vote"            "value":{            "prim":"Pair"            "args":[{                    "int":"7"                }, {                    "int":"1"                }            ]            }        }    }]

Add an Idea#

You may add a new idea and you don't need to be regsitered for that.

Click the "+" button at the bottom of the DApp:

Docusaurus with Keytar

This displays the form to create an idea:

Docusaurus with Keytar

Click the "Submit" button to add the idea. You may check the json parameters, the first parameter of the add-idea entry point is the idea's title and the second is the idea's body :

[{    "kind":"transaction"    "to":"KT1QMowNVCUngertU7bAeoZmU7XYm3gphE69"    "amount":0    "mutez":true    "parameter":{    "entrypoint":"add_idea"    "value":{        "prim":"Pair"        "args":[{            "bytes":"20813100810dc01d21cc0a6e01981ec04eb0..."        } {            "bytes":"248170040ee0f60ae0360133008c0a660398..."        }]    }    }}]

Note that the idea's title and body are are sent to the contract in zipped and encoded format.