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Technical guide

In this section you will learn how the DApp's web interface interacts with the smart contract.

The DApp project is provided as an open source React project (javascript) available on the technical-guide branch of the github repository. It contains several FIX ME sections to implement and complete so that the web interface interacts with the smart contract.

The first task is to setup the smart contract (deploy and register user). The second task is to complete the web interface so that it interacts with the smart contract:

  • read contract's storage
  • call the 'vote' and 'add_idea' entry points

You may open a Gitpod environement to complete these tasks. If using Gitpod for the first time, you need a Gitpod account to access the project.

Click the button below to open the project in Gitpod:

The screenshot below illustrates the gitpod interface:

Docusaurus with Keytar

You may also clone the repository on your device with the following command:

git clone --branch technical-guide