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Use Case Presentation

The Use Case scenario of the Connected Object DApp is two-steps:

  1. Switch on the online bulb and check it on your mobile phone
  2. Optionally interrupt the session, and get your tez back in prorata of the its duration

In order to switch on the online bulb, you need a dedicated test user account. Go to section below for instructions to create one.

User Interface#

Below is a screenshot of the user interface once the wallet's account connected:

Docusaurus with Keytar

① Connected account information (address, balance)

② Slider to specify session duration (in minutes). Price and displayed below.

③ "Switch on" button to start session

④ Bulb's QR code: click to display

The "Switch on" button calls the smart contract's start entrypoint.

Create a user account#

The process to create a new user account is two-steps:

  1. download a new faucet file from faucet site (instructions)
  2. import it in wallet (instructions)

It is suggested that you name the account "Completium Dapp user" for example.